Renovation Costs, Liverpool Sri Sambuddha Viharaya

Liverpool Sri Sambuddha Viharaya, Renovation costs (Dharmashalawa/Main hall). Following materials are urgently needed. We greatly appreciate your contributions.

Our Buddhist Temple is a registered Charity [UK charity no. 1186047]. We have established our temple on July 2015. Initially, we rented out a two bedroom bungalow for our temple. Facilities were minimal, with small rooms and only one bathroom to be shared by our Buddhist monk and attendees for the temple’s religious and cultural events. One bedroom was used as a shrine room, and the other room used by our resident Buddhist monk.  With great difficulty, we organise monthly sill observation and Sunday Dharma school for our youngsters. Having considered this unsatisfactory situation, we, the trustees of the Temple resolved to purchased a new building for the Temple.

After much searching, we managed to purchase a suitable two-story building in Croxteth, Liverpool in September 2019. We bought the building with the help of a mortgage from Natwest.  Once renovations are complete, it will be one of the largest and most beautiful Theravada Buddhist Temples in Europe. Our new building was previously used for a public house, and requires extensive refurbishment before moving in.  Work started in October last year, but unfortunately due to COVID-19 we were forced to temporarily halt renovations after completing the upper floor for the use of our resident Buddhist monk. This has serious implication for our fund raising activities.

There remains a substantial amount of work to be done on the ground floor where our shrine room, darma shalawa, waiting room,  and community kitchen are located. Most importantly, we need to install a central heating system, plumbing, re-wiring of ground floor and cellar, as well as new flooring, painting and plastering. The cost of completion for the outstanding renovations is around £45,000. Until now, we have heavily relied on our devotees in Liverpool and surrounding areas to raise funds to continue renovation work. However, it is difficult to raise such a huge amount of money without further financial contributions.

Dear friends, and devotees, please help us to complete this noble project. We promise you we will create a beautiful Buddhist temple which will be used for religious activities as well as cultural and community events.


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